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Farmers Markets In The United States

If you haven’t been to Camp North End in the past year or two, you may not recognize it! Redevelopment at the over 75-acre complex has been happening VERY quickly. And soon, there will be even more to do at the new area.

According to CharlotteFive, the next step for Camp North End will be to open a farmers market there. The North End Farmers market will reportedly operate weekly, starting in April or May. It will be run by the same company that operates the South End Farmers Market on Saturday mornings at Atherton Mill.

Just in the past 2 years, Camp North End has gained many new tenants including, Leah & Louise, a Free Range Brewing taproom, plant shop Grow. Solar company Pine Gate Renewables, and banking giant Ally Financial.

This is only the beginning for Camp North End though, there are plans to incorporate more businesses there, and apartment housing in the area is also a future plan.

I did a photoshoot in Camp North End maybe two and a half years ago, and it is wild to walk around the area now, seeing how much it has already grown and been developed.

A new farmers market will be a great addition to the area, and I can’t wait to check it out once is opens in the Spring.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken while hanging at Camp North End in the past few years.