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Unidentified flying object. Two UFOs flying over a road among the trees. 3D illustration retro photo vintage. Noise and defects of old photo film.

Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Was it a UFO? Photos shared Saturday on the Facebook show what appears to be lights in the sky over Indian Trail, in Union County.

“Anyone know what these lights were tonight?” Alisa Homewood asked on the “What’s Up Indian Trail?” Facebook page. “No sound at all. They flickered like lanterns, but followed the same exact path up until they disappeared which was odd.“

She wasn’t the only one to see it either. Someone even got a video of the UFO. “Yea we saw them too and couldn’t figure out what they were,” a Charlotte woman posted. “They did flicker, but like how big were those lanterns then for us to see it so bright and so clear from so far away.” “I’m officially creeped out,” another person said. “Same weird lights happened at my friend’s home last night!”

The Mutual UFO Network reported this month that NC had 15 UFO sightings in December, putting it at No. 7 in the country. That’s pretty high. NC does have a fair share of military training exercises going on, so we should keep that in mind too!