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Buyers want to visualize themselves living in a property, and whilst their interior preference may differ, they still want to look at a room and think “wow, I could live here”, and the more a buyer can picture themselves living in a home, the better it is for a seller. Accessories such as blankets, throws, and scatter cushions on sofas and beds were one of the first things potential buyers looked at while in the bedroom and living room especially. These accessories do help give a room a homely finishing touch, so invest in some if you can.

Back in the day, to beef up their resume, our grandparents had to add another 20 or more hours to their workweek. Nowadays, we can do it without putting on pants. Here are some tips to progress your career that you can do from your couch tonight.

  • Work a remote internship. Want to see if you’re a good fit in a different industry and don’t want to quit your current job to do so? Try DMing or emailing a company you’re interested in to see if they have any remote internships available. It might take some adjustments to your schedule but the opportunity will undoubtedly add valuable skills that you can talk about in all your future job interviews.
  • Take an online class. You won’t be able to add Harvard grad to your resume but after a couple of weeks of independent study, you could add that you’ve taken Harvard level coursework to it. And it’s free. edX is one of many online platforms offering classes taught at Harvard and MIT and they also give you the option to earn a certification.
  • Start your own business. CEO would probably be a nice job title to add to your collection wouldn’t it? You’re only a few clicks away! Make an Instagram account dedicated to selling tie-dye, or an Etsy page for homemade jewelry. Will you get rich off it? Probably not. But you will be able to add a new section to your resume about being a business owner and build your skills in finance, sales, and social media marketing along the way.

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