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Looking back on quarantine in 2020, it has definitely been an interesting period. Obviously, there were a lot of struggles that came with it… that we’re still facing. But on the brighter side, it seems many people found their creative side, specifically with music.

We know that some artists like Taylor Swift hit a creative streak since she wrote, produced, and released two full albums in quarantine!

But, beyond the artists we know and love, it seems that many other people were tapping into their musical side too. According to instrument retailers like Sweetwater, Guitar Center, and Reverb, their online music sales rose dramatically last year. They all three stated that the guitar was the most popular musical instrument they sold during quarantine.

The CEO of Sweetwater even stated that “we’re now selling a thousand guitars every day”!

Personally, I didn’t get a guitar, but a ukelele! 🙂 I’ve never been super musically talented so still trying to learn how to play it, but it’s definitely fun and passes the time.

What kinds of things did you do to pass the time in quarantine? Did you learn to do anything new like play the guitar? Or another instrument?

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