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Remember in 2020 when January felt like it was taking an entire year to get through? Somehow that’s not the case this year. January 2021 has flown by, but maybe that’s a good thing! With January wrapping up, that means February is next, which means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Just like most things this year – this Holiday is probably going to look different for some. Some people might not be leaving the house when they typically would – so here is a list of books that will take your mind of vacation as you read!

I personally haven’t read any of these books, but one of my goals for this year is to read more so all 9 have been added to my list!

  • ShippedAngie HockmanĀ 
  • Honey GirlMorgan Rogers
  • The Ex TalkRachel Lynn Soloman
  • You Have A MatchEmma Lord
  • Much Ado About YouSamantha Young
  • Bet the FarmStaci Hart
  • First Comes LikeAlisha Rai
  • Make Up Break UpLily Menon
  • Wild RainBeverly Jenkins