Okay, obviously Bridgerton, Stranger Things, New Girl, and Criminal Minds are some fan favorites and they probably always will be. But I’m going to tell you about some lesser-known shows that you should watch if you enjoy these fan favorites.

If you like Stranger Things, you’ll like The OA.

Sci-Fi. Fantasy. And interdimensional travel. Prairie Johnson, a young blind woman, is the main character who has just returned to her hometown after having been missing for seven years. She calls herself the “OA” or “Original Angel” and recruits five local high school students to help her on a mission to save other missing people lost in other dimensions.

If you like New Girl, you’ll like One Day At A Time.

Family. Heartwarming humor. And real-life struggles. A remake of the original One Day At A Time which ended in 1984, this new Netflix original sitcom is about a Cuban-American mother living with her two kids and her mother. The lighthearted humor style of the show is similar to that of New Girl. While, at the same time, ODAAT also tackles tough topics like homophobia, sexuality, racism, immigration, and mental illness.

If you like Bridgerton or The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, you’ll like Alias Grace.

Crime. History. And a woman imprisoned. Based on a book inspired by real events by my favorite author Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace is a Canadian miniseries about Grace Marks, an Irish immigrant in the 1840s who is accused of a double murder. Her employer and his housekeeper are found dead and Grace is imprisoned for life. The series follows her journey in prison, as she is treated for ‘hysteria’, and ultimately becomes one of the most infamous women of the time.

If you like Criminal Minds, you’ll like Mindhunter.

Serial killers. FBI Agents. And the all-too-known cat-and-mouse chase. Set in the late ’70s, the story follows FBI agents Holden Ford, Bill Tench, and FBI psychologist Wendy Carr in the early days of criminal psychology as they try to tap into the minds of some seriously messed up criminals. The cool part is the cases they have are based on real-life serial killers like Charles Manson and the Son of Sam. Yeah, they profile serial killers, but for one of them, at what cost?

If you like quality tv, Sex Education is where it’s at.

Young love. Old love. And some of the best British humor you’ll ever know. This might be my favorite show of all time. If you’re one of those people that hates the commitment of a 12 season show like me, then don’t worry because Sex Education only has two seasons right now! What I love most about this show is the character development. Sex Education is really a show that makes you passionately hate a character and then just like that, turns it around, gives them a story, and makes you understand where they’re coming from. It’s truly incredible.

These are some of my personal recommendations, but check out some more here.