When I was in high school, our mascot was a Lion. I actually don’t recall who was the man behind the mask, but our mascot made a point to pump up the crowd and get us in the school spirit.

A new study from Gambling.com has revealed the top 10 luckiest, unluckiest, and most popular football mascots in the US. This study gathered data from every winning high school and college football league across the United States to find out which mascots appeared the most at the top of the tables. With data on over 16,000 mascots, this allowed us to work out how many times each type of mascot had won a league and find those with the highest chances of winning.

So what did the study find? Well, the conquistadors, one of America’s most controversial mascot names, were found to be the luckiest mascots on high school football fields. Teams with conquistador mascots have a 19.23% chance of a league victory. It’s no surprise that America’s national icon, the Eagle, was the most popular mascot, while rams were revealed as the unluckiest mascot.

You can see more on the full study here.

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