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We all have our boundaries when it comes to dealing with people, but one woman is revealing just how protective she is over her man in a viral post on Reddit. The unnamed bride-to-be first shared her thoughts in the Facebook group “I’m engaged! Now what?” and someone else posted it to Reddit’s bridezilla section because it’s pretty over-the-top. It seems this bride-to-be thinks there are rules for how a member of the opposite sex should address your S.O. and she believes women should ask her permission before talking to her future husband!

She starts off asking if engaged people have boundaries with single people of the opposite sex, specifically when meeting them for the first time. “I prefer a woman to acknowledge me first, introduce herself, and let me know what and why she’d like to communicate with my fiancé,” she writes. “And allow me to give her permission to do so.” She continues that this is her “territory” and she “should be allowed to have say so of who” she approves of letting into her space.

As you can imagine, people on Reddit thought this was a little extreme. “I would like permission to speak to your fiancé about what a psycho you are,” one user comments. “Hello. I’m acknowledging your existence and presence and would like to converse with your future husband,” another jokes. “Topics of conversation may include: the weather, the local sports team, current events and how bats–t crazy you are.”

Source: Reddit