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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 06: Australian Cricketer David Warner sleeps next to his Baggy Green Cap and a replica Ashes Urn at his home on January 6, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. Australia yesterday claimed a five-nil Ashes series victory over England in which Warner was leading run scorer. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

We know that experts don’t recommend scrolling before bed because it can interfere with falling asleep, but what if you’ve locked down an actual bedtime, stick to your routine and still have trouble drifting off to dreamland? That struggle is real for so many folks and no matter what’s keeping you up at night, TikTok is here to help.

Try these sleep hacks from users next time you’re exhausted, but can’t catch those ZZZs you need.

  • Toss a pillow – If you think of something you need to remember in the morning and it’s keeping you awake, this TikTok advises avoiding your phone and visualizing putting that urgent thought into a pillow, then throwing it off your bed. In the morning, seeing your pillow will jog your memory and it’ll come back to you.
  • Make it chilly – Lower the temperature in your bedroom to help you fall asleep faster.
  • Brew some tea – Chamomile tea can help you calm your body down and ease you into resting mode. This TikTok suggests brewing some a half-hour or an hour before bedtime to signal to your brain it’s time to wind down.
  • Tap into your breathing – Forget counting sheep, try counting breaths instead. Another TikTok video recommends inhaling for a count of four, holding your breath for a count of seven, then slowly exhaling for a count of eight. Research backs it up and says the 4-7-8 breathing method can relax your nervous system to ease anxiety so you sleep better.
  • Have a banana – This TikTok suggests this bedtime snack because bananas are packed with magnesium, a mineral that can help your mind relax, and potassium that helps relax your muscles.
  • Trick your brain – Putting pressure on yourself to sleep can make you feel more anxious, so one TikTok advises telling yourself you’re just taking a nap to trick your brain into letting you rest.
  • Watch your comfort show – Turn on the show that you can quote in your sleep and it may help soothe your anxiety and let your mind slip into that calm, familiar space so you can sleep.

Source: Bustle