IKEA is I mean, just wow. What a place. I was expecting showrooms and furniture everywhere, but I didn’t expect a maze and a SNACK BAR AT THE END!

If it weren’t for my seasoned IKEA expert friend Sammi, I definitely would have gotten lost. Since I grew up in Raleigh where there are no IKEA stores anywhere, I never had the chance to visit one…until NOW! Moving to Charlotte in a brand new apartment really is the best time for a first IKEA experience, I’d say.

Affordable, But Overwhelming Selection

There were many cool things about IKEA, but what first caught my attention is how everything is SO affordable! It’s almost ridiculous. Even though everything is so affordable, it seems like it’d be easy to break the bank just in one trip since there’s so much to choose from! That’s why I only bought a few things that I needed: a whisk, a really nice cutting board, and a tension rod for my closet.

Snack Bar Visit

But THEN, I also had to get a snack bar hot dog and a Blue Raspberry ICEE. You can’t tell me Blue Raspberry isn’t the BEST FLAVOR of all time. I want one right now, as I write this at work. Maybe I should go get one…

My Rating

Overall, I would give IKEA an 8.5/10 since it was very fun to go through the mazes, but it is very overwhelming in the amount of stuff they have! They also had a long line when I went, but it did go pretty fast. I will say that their Blue Raspberry ICEEs hit the SPOT!

What is your personal opinion of the IKEA experience? What kinds of items have you bought from there? Are you happy with your purchases? So far, I love my new cutting board! Bonus question: What is your favorite ICEE flavor?

Here’s my picture of one of the strangest things I saw in IKEA:

Who’s the one getting ketchup on their documents?? I guess we’ll never know