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Is there anything cuter than baby pictures? Well, I don’t think so, but apparently, Walmart has a bit of an issue with certain pictures.

Earlier this month, Meika Large of Amarillo, Texas went to Walmart to print out photos from her newborn baby photoshoot, and was surprised by the store’s reaction. It seems when she went to pick up the photos from the Walmart Photo Center in Canyon, Texas, two employees placed all the photos on the counter to look over and then refused to turn some of them over.

“I had about five different newborn pictures and half of them [my son] barely had clothes on,” the mom recalled, noting she didn’t think much of it because they “are newborn pictures.” But then the employee specifically picked out one picture, of her son nude and lying on his stomach, telling her she could not get the picture sold back to her because it was “child pornography.”

Large thought it had to be a misunderstanding, but Rebecca Thomason, senior manager for corporate communications, told KFDA that it’s true, Walmart, “simply [does] not print photos with nudity”  adding, “If the photo is printed, it is destroyed and not available for purchase by the customer.”

Large says she was left embarrassed by the whole thing because not only could other customers hear what was going on, but she had all her kids with her at the time. She’s also annoyed because she doesn’t exactly know what the Walmart employees did with the picture, noting, “she didn’t show me she was ripping it up or anything and then she just checked me out.” She’s wondering if the pictures were actually destroyed, or if maybe the employees kept it to look at.”

While some experts suggest her First Amendment rights have been violated, Large seems to be putting it all behind her, and now knows in the future to not get her film developed at Walmart.

Source: Café Mom