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A couple in Ireland is relieved and thankful after staff at a recycling center helped them find a lost wedding ring. Caoimhe and Owen Mooney had just moved into a new house and had tons of cardboard boxes to recycle, so they made a trip to Oxigen Environmental Recycling Center to drop them off. But on their way home, the newlyweds realized the groom had lost his ring, just four weeks after they said “I do.”

The pair first searched their home, but had no luck, so they headed back to the recycling center. After looking around a 40-foot compactor unsuccessfully, some employees offered to help. They jumped in with flashlights and dug around, even though it was just about closing time and it was getting dark outside. Within about 20 minutes, one of the workers found the ring and the groom was thrilled to get it back on his hand.

“We are so, so grateful to the lads,” Owen says. “From the bottom of our hearts, we just want to say a massive thank you. They are super kind people.”