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You may have seen those studies that say you can’t get happier with more income than $75,000 a year but apparently, that’s as wrong as the people that say “money can’t buy happiness.” According to a new study, money buys a whole lot of happiness and life is truly better when you’re rich AF.

The research study found there is no such thing as a plateau for happiness when it comes to money. Instead what the researchers found was each dollar a person makes matters the same to them and that feeling applies to everyone living paycheck to paycheck and to folks bringing in six-figures. It’s only when you start equating money and success that you start feeling less happy.

According to lead researcher Matthew Killingsworth what money really buys people that adds to their happiness is flexibility. “When you have more money, you have more choices about how to live your life.” For example, when you’ve got less money you’ve got to take whatever job you can to get by. Meanwhile, people with a bunch of money in the bank can afford to take their time with their career choices.