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NORTH MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 12: Chocolate covered pretzels with little candy hearts sprinkled on top are seen as the Le Chocolatier fine chocolate store prepares for a Valentine's day rush on February 12, 2014 in North Miami, Florida. Chocolate is one of the most popular gift giving traditions during Valentines Day. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Valentine’s Day is the love holiday, but it isn’t limited to the love between you and your partner. The holiday can also include the love you have for your entire family. And since you might not be able to get away for a romantic grown-ups only date this year, it’s the perfect time to include the kids in your celebration. Here are some ideas for a fun-filled family Valentine’s Day.

  • Have a family date – Dinner for two might be out, but the whole fam could go out to dinner together. You can even get dressed up to make it more special for the kiddos.
  • Order a heart-shaped pizza – Take a night off of cooking and order a heart-shaped pizza. Lots of pizzerias make them this time of year and the little ones will love opening the box to see the heart they get to have for dinner. Can’t find a pizza spot near you that makes them? You can also DIY as a fun family activity.
  • Make a heart-cuterie board – It’s a Valentine’s Day spin on the popular charcuterie board trend where all the snacks are red, pink and white. Grab some strawberries, pink frosted cookies, candy corn, marshmallows and candy hearts and creatively display it for a sweet treat.
  • Anonymously deliver bouquets – Put together bundles of flowers and have the kids make cards for the special people in your lives, then surprise them with a special delivery to brighten their day.
  • Do a craft together – Get out the art supplies and get creative as a family. You could also make little “gifts” for each other and exchange them when you’re done.
  • Decorate a Valentine’s tree – Put your artificial Christmas tree to use for Valentine’s Day with some red and pink garland and ornaments. The dollar store has tons of festive holiday decorations, so you can do it on the cheap. Plus, if you decorate it as a family now, you can keep it up for a few weeks to enjoy.