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While the beginning flirty stage of a relationship is fun and exciting it can quickly become disappointing if the spark goes nowhere. If you’re tired of getting an inbox full of frisky texts and nothing else out of matches, here are some strategies to take things to the next level.

  • Bring Up Meaningful Topics. If you want your connection to get serious, you’ve got to move things from small talk to real talk ASAP. Some good topics to steer a conversation into are pets, kids, and hobbies. These are the things people care about the most and your opportunity to make things personal. Just to clarify though, when talking about kids you’re supposed to be asking if they have any… not if they want to make one with you.
  • Ask Them About Meaningful Occurrences. Taking things past the flirty phase involves showing them you truly care about them, and an easy way to do that is to ask them how things they’ve already brought up. For example, if they tell you they have a big project going on at work, ask how that’s going. It’s a great way to show that you’re really listening and are interested in more than conversations that start with “you up?”
  • Say The Person’s Name Frequently. According to psychotherapist Erin Leonard, “saying a person’s name validates his or her importance to you [and] conveys strong and positive regard.” Will you feel silly sneaking their name into a conversation? Absolutely. But if it works and your Jedi mind trick gets them to fall in love with you… won’t it be worth it?

Source: Psychology Today