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Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and while for many it’s the most romantic day of the year, there are a lot of people who don’t have the best memories of Valentine’s Day past.

Well, now those folks are sharing on a new thread on the anonymous Whisper App, revealing their most embarrassing Valentine’s Day moments, and let’s just say we wouldn’t want to be them.

Embarrassing Valentine’s Day moments include:

  • “I was dumped right before Valentine’s Day so my parents took me out to dinner that night. The table across the room contained my ex and some girl he took out that night…I wanted to die.”
  • “The boy who loved me in college surprised me in the quad and sang to me on Valentine’s Day. It was painfully embarrassing for me, especially because I was not into him AT ALL.”
  • “I wrote my crush a love note and gave it to him privately on Valentine’s Day. He ended up reading it in front of everyone at lunch in high school. I’ve never been so mortified.”
  • “Most embarrassing Valentine’s Day date? I guy took me to eat bad sushi and I threw up all over him and the table. This awful memory made me never want to eat sushi again.”
  • “My ex-boyfriend took me to a REALLY fancy restaurant on V-day with only 10 tables. When we were done I tried to box up my leftover pasta and dumped it all over my lap. Everyone saw.”
  • “I came over to surprise my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and another guy was there. So much for that romantic gesture.”
  • “Peed myself on a date when I was 16…on Valentine’s Day…god I wish I was joking.”
  • “I took my side chick out on Valentine’s Day and ran into my wife’s friends. That was bad on all accounts.”
  • “My date threw up intentionally on the waiter because he got her drink wrong…That was the only time I had a date on Valentine’s Day too.”
  • “I puked on my boyfriend during Valentine’s Day sex. Lesson learned: Don’t drink too much champagne.”

Source: Whisper