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A couple in the U.K. didn’t get the wedding they’d originally planned, but they loved their small event, especially the bride’s grandmothers being her bridesmaids. Megan Kennedy and Thomas Cahoon have been together since 2017, when they met on They planned to tie the knot in March 2020, but COVID had other plans. After postponing their wedding, they scaled-down the event, which was originally supposed to have 200 guests, and planned to only have 30 people attend. But just two weeks before their October nuptials, the guidelines in London changed and they could only have 15 guests.

That meant only family members could come and the maid of honor and bridesmaids were not allowed to attend, but the bride found two very special replacements. Kennedy asked her grandmothers to be her bridesmaids and they were happy to fill the role. “You’re my most important people,” she told them. Gillian Holloway, 80 and Mary Kennedy, 90, hadn’t been able to see their granddaughter much during 2020, so being in her wedding was even more special.

To keep her grandmas as safe as possible, they only sat with people from their own households and were socially distant from everyone else. The bride says her favorite part of the wedding day was walking down the aisle with her grandmothers there and her soon-to-be husband looking “so happy” to see her. “It was really emotional, because I just couldn’t believe we were finally getting married after such a big year,” Kennedy says. “It meant so much more because of what we had to overcome to actually get married.”