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You're going to be hard-pressed not to impress your Valentine by whipping up their favorite meal.

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and while most happy couples will be focusing on romance, one law firm is using the holiday for something far from passionate. The thing is, not all people in a relationship are glad to be, and if they’re married, they may be stuck because divorces are expensive. So instead of celebrating with the one they love, they’re looking for a way out and the Powers Law Firm in Crossville, Tennessee, is here to help.

They’re giving away a free divorce to one lucky client who’s ready to say goodbye to their spouse. People can apply to win free legal services in their split, including the court filing fees.

They point out that the cost of a divorce usually starts from $1,150 and not everyone has that kind of money to drop. To get in on the divorce giveaway, interested people should email their stories to the Powers Law Firm by February 15th (the day after Valentine’s Day) and explain why they want to call it quits. Only Tennessee residents are eligible, and the winner will be chosen on February 19th.

Source: CNN