Ever since the rumors began last week that Kanye West was stepping out on Kim Kardashian with a male beauty influencer, all eyes have been on Jeffree Star.

But although the rumor has been denied, it still appears as if Jeffree Star is more desirable than ever — and he wants us all to know it.

The beauty influencer recently tweeted out, “I’m definitely NOT sleeping with Kanye, but the amount of rappers in my DM’s is wilddddd bitch. Time to make a hit song in bed.”

Who knows if this is true, but it sure is entertaining. Other entertaining tweets that Jeffree has recently sent out include, “It’s hard to suck d—- with a mask on =(,” “It’s snowing outside and my p—- is cold,” and “I need to test some new long wearing products today, any athletes available for a threesome?”

Also, in response to Wendy Williams talking about him on Hot Topics, he wrote, “If she only knew about the actual rappers who have visited my mouth. Taking that s—- to the grave miss thing.”

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