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You’ve probably already seen a thousand articles guessing about what will be the year’s biggest TV show or trendiest colors, but The Healthy Pleasure Group and their CEO Dominique Karetsos may have just dropped the boldest predictions yet. They believe they have cracked the code on what will be going on between the sheets in 2021. Here’s what they say to expect in the world of sex this year.

  • Sexual Wellness Will Be A Priority. The quarantine caused a boom in sex toy sales and that’s not expected to change anytime soon. Karetsos believes the renewed focus on self-pleasure is here to stay and we’ll continue to “explore what mother nature permitted us to explore” in 2021. And she ain’t talking about hiking.
  • Sexual Spaces Online. With mainstream social platforms cracking down on sexual content, Karetsos expects more sexual safe spaces to start popping up in 2021. Not to mention sexual health apps and tools like iPlaySafe that allows users to order STD tests to their homes and make their results shareable with prospective sexual partners. We did it with COVID tests, so why not STD tests?
  • Smart sex robots and virtual reality. If Dominique is right, next holiday season the hottest robot on the market won’t be one that sweeps your floor for you but one that dirties up your bed. Expect to see a lot of excitement in the world of sex robots and AI including next-gen toys “to help women learn how to have an orgasm.”

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Source: Metro