Hey! I’m Lexi and I’m on KISS 95.1 from 6 pm-10 pm every weeknight. I just started with KISS at the beginning of the year and with the new job came the move to a new city. I graduated from App State in June 2020 and after that, I moved back to Raleigh, which is where I grew up.

Me in the studio on my first day!

Some things you might want to know about me:

– I am a friend who was a camp counselor for several years so it’s basically a part of my personality at this point.

– If I could pick between traveling and exploring deep space or deep underwater, I would choose underwater because I really want to believe that mermaids exist and that Aquamarine is based on a true story!

– I love music of all kinds, but some of my favorite artists are Lorde. Stevie Nicks, M83, and tobi lou.

– If I could pick any second language to be fluent in, I’d pick Spanish because I’d love to be on the radio in Central America someday. Plus, I have DuoLingo so hopefully one day I will be!

– My binge-worthy show recommendations (if you haven’t seen them already) are New Girl, Bob’s Burgers, The Flight Attendant, and I am OBSESSED with Bridgerton right now.

– If I could have dessert all day every day and not be unhealthy, I would. My favorite desserts have chocolate fudge in them. 🙂

– If I had the money to buy any luxury item, I think I’d love to buy a personal jet so I could fly it around the world! I want to get my pilot’s license one day.

This is the first installation of probably many About Me type of blog posts. But I also want to know about you. So email me at lexi@kiss951.com with YOUR answers to the questions below.

1. If you had all the money you needed, would you explore deep space or deep underwater?
2. Who/what are your favorite music artists/songs right now?
3. What’s another language would you choose to be fluent in and why?
4. What are your binge-worthy show recs for ME?
5. What is your favorite dessert?
6. What luxury item would you buy if you could?

Can’t wait to hear from you soon!