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Lots of us are totally over the idea of gender reveals, but some expecting parents still feel the need to announce the news that they’re having a boy or a girl in an over-the-top way. But one dad on Reddit was not on board with his wife’s plan to do another huge one for their second child like she did with their first and he took matters into his own hands to put a stop to it.

In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the A-hole” section,” he explains that his wife is really into films and made a 10-minute short film to tell the world they were having a girl the first time around. She hired expensive cameras and they spent time going to locations for the right shot and it left him exhausted. When she found out baby #2 is a boy, she started writing a script and instead of talking to his wife about his feelings, he took to Facebook and spilled the beans, eliminating any need for a gender reveal.

“I don’t feel bad,” he writes, adding that he saved them at least $5-thousand she would’ve spent on the second film. Now his wife is upset and he’s asking Reddit if he’s wrong for ruining the gender reveal. And users are divided on this one, with some saying it’s “ridiculous” to spend so much on a boring film no one wants to sit through when that money could go toward something important for the child. Others call the dad out for the way he ruined his wife’s project, knowing it was important to her and suggest they could’ve found a compromise they agreed on instead.