This sounds like a delightful wine to enjoy from the comfort of your home. This January (2021) Aldi will be introducing a new vanilla bean wine that’s sure to be a sweet treat.

As Aldi explains on their website, this wine is “a blend of white wine with rich vanilla flavor and finest cream. Its rich and creamy taste makes this wine specialty a delightful dessert on its own or a perfect companion to all kinds of desserts and ice cream.” See here.

I’m usually not a big wine drinker, but that sounds more like a sweet cocktail than a wine. According to Delish, “The Petit Vanilla Bean Wine Specialty is made by the same folks who produce the Petit Coconut Wine that Aldi shoppers loved this past summer, so it’s safe to assume it will be just as sweet and delicious.”

If you find in a Charlotte Aldi let us know! You can read more about Aldi and this new wine here.

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