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MILAN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 25: Fashion designer Donatella Versace (C) walks the runway at the end of Versace fashion show during the Milan Women's Fashion Week on September 25, 2020 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Handout/Versace Press Office via Getty Images)

Like a lot of things this year, Paris Fashion Week will look a little different. There has been some confusion about the fate of the events, but French fashion’s regulatory group says this month’s fashion shows will be happening without an audience due to COVID.

The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode has advised brands they won’t be allowed to invite guests this season, based on instructions from the city’s police. The federation says “We can confirm that there can be no public gatherings” at Paris Fashion Week, adding that fashion “houses can still organize ‘real’ runway shows with models broadcast live, provided that their events take place behind closed doors.”

Paris isn’t technically in a lockdown now – it ended on December 15th, but strict rules are in place across the city, including an 8pm curfew and restaurants, bars, museums and theaters remain closed. But just because people can’t see models strut down the catwalk in person doesn’t mean they won’t get to see them at all. Filming is allowed, so the brands who stage physical shows can record or livestream them and they can be seen online, much to the delight of fashion fans everywhere.