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Just like video streaming, there are also plenty of music streaming services, too. Even if they already have a favorite music subscription service, most still allow for a gift subscription, which would cover the costs the users would normally be billed.

It seems like with every new generation, and with every new technology to distract us, our attention spans are getting smaller and smaller.

In fact,  Samsung just released a report in December of 2020, and scientists found the average consumer attention span is now 8-seconds long. That is 33% lower than a similar study from 2000 that claimed consumers had 12-second attention spans.

I know what you’re thinking; 4 seconds can’t be that big of a deal, right? WRONG!

Every second counts when it comes to streaming, and artists/songwriters are taking notice. Songwriters are having to rethink their approach to writing songs that will be successful.

Not only are songs getting to the hooks quicker(in many cases they are opening up the song with the hook) but they are also making songs shorter.

Here’s a really interesting video to explain it all.


Why Short Songs Are Big Hits, According To Science!

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