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VENICE, ITALY - JUNE 01: Barbara Meier and her bride mades are seen during the wedding celebration of Barbara Meier and Klemens Hallmann on June 01, 2019 in Venice, Italy. (Photo by Chris Singer/Bluesparrow via Getty Images)

No matter which wedding dress a bride decides on, chances are someone might not like it. Still, they wouldn’t dare speak up about it, right? You’d think being considerate would win out over offering your unsolicited opinion of a wedding gown, but not in this family.

In a post to Reddit’s Bridezilla section, the groom explains that his future wife was in an accident seven years ago that killed her mother and left her with a burn scar on her chest. His sister has made comments about the scar before, but she really got vocal about it after the bride-to-be showed her the dress, which has spaghetti straps and doesn’t cover her scar. The woman wearing the dress is totally happy with it, but the groom’s sister? Not so much.

She told her future sister-in-law she should have chosen a gown that hides her scar and actually got into an argument with her about it. The groom confronted his sister and when she didn’t back down, he told her she’s not welcome at their wedding. Then his family stepped in, defending his sister’s actions and getting upset with him for making her cry.

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Source: Reddit