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Working from home has caused us to consider new things; like office chairs. It’s something I never thought about too much, because when I was going into the office, I just used what was available. But with many people making home offices in 2020 ( and continuing into 2021), a good office chair is a must.

Well superstar Justin Bieber thinks he has found the perfect chair. In fact, the pop star is such a big fan of the chair, he made a surprise appearance on Shark Tank just to endorse it.

CEO Bing Howenstein walked into the Shark Tank in an effort to gain funding for his company ALL33, and used a video message from Bieber to help make his pitch

Believe it or not though, the endorsement from Bieber wasn’t enough to impress the sharks, as all of them ultimately passed on the deal.

Check out the endorsement below. I have to admit, now I want to try this chair so it definitely worked for me.