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Do the cold, cloudy days of winter make you want to hide under the covers and stay there until the sun shines again? You’re not alone. I mean, maybe you are alone under your covers, but there is a large group of people who feel just like you do. During dark, gloomy winters, we get less of the mood-boosting help of sunlight, which may set the stage for the winter blues. What can you do to beat the blues when the short, dark days are getting you down?  Below are 6 ideas to get past the winter blues and perk up your inner summer child.

1. Exercise: Find a park with a walking trail, bundle up and take a walk. Exercise works well in fighting the winter blues and fresh air is good for the soul.

2. Get some light therapy: Give yourself every opportunity for daylight. Open up your blinds and curtains to let the most light in. Lamps that simulate natural light can also help. Sunlight is a source of Vitamin D, a nutrient linked to sharper thinking and better emotional health. Be sure to soak up as much light as possible.

3. Stimulate your senses: Some people find that painting their walls a bright color — or even their nails — can improve their outlook. Scents can add to your feeling of well-being; try essential oils or just burn a scented candle.

4. Nurture your spirit: Slow down and curl up in a cozy chair with a good book or write in your journal. Don’t forget the hot chocolate.

7. Head to a sunnier climate: If time and budget allow, plan a midwinter visit to a warmer, sunnier climate.

No matter what you do to cope with the cold, remember it doesn’t last forever. Pretty soon we will all be complaining about the heat.

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