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A face covering/mask follows CDC guidelines to help decrease the spread of germs.

Remember at the beginning of this pandemic? We were all trying to make our own face masks and using whatever we could because the demand for face masks was so high with little supply?

Well not anymore. Now, you can get a face mask practically anywhere, but if you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed that some work better than others.

I have some face masks I’ve bought that I stopped wearing, cause they just don’t feel right. But how do you know what is a good face mask, and what isn’t when buying one?

Here are some signs your face mask isn’t fitting correctly:

  • It doesn’t sit snug on your face
  • There are air pockets
  • You have to constantly adjust it
  • You can blow out a flame while wearing it.

Here are tips on which face masks to buy!

  • The most effective face masks areĀ  fitted N95, surgical masks, and cotton/poly or poly/pro
  • The LEAST effective face masks are bandanas or gators
  • For getting the best fit, try buying from vendors that offer sizes… one size fits all masks definitely don’t always live up to that.