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It’s a fresh new year and folks might be a little antsy to date after almost a year of that dating sabbatical. Who is on your list this year to date? My neighbor shares the pics of dudes on dating apps, and it’s a bit scary. Well, if your New Years resolution is to date more, good luck with that because strangers still come with dangers when meeting wearing a mask and gloves. If your resolution is to take time for self love and eradicate the traumas of dating, good for you. So here’s the million dollar question; is it okay to date your friend’s ex fiancé? All relationships are kind of like clothes. You fall in love with the way it feels on you, how it looks, then suddenly one day it doesn’t feel, fit or look the same.

Think about your first love in high school, you have probably outgrown that relationship if you go back. What fit at age 20, will not serve you at age 30. We change, therefore our expectations change, but friendships last forever, or do they? With that being said, if your started dating someone that your friend used to date, why should the friend be concerned over who’s dating that ex at all? Especially, when they have outgrown the person, and they no longer fit. Do you think dating your friends, ex will ruin your friendship?  Well, you might not have been real friends anyway. Does, dating your friend’s ex make someone a bad friend? Leave a note and tell me what you think?

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