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For those of you like me, who have decided to eat better in the new year, I have got some great news for you.

One of my favorite restaurants to get to-go food from is Chipotle. But while they have healthy options, like their salads… I just always want a bowl, which always has a lot of calories because of the rice and beans. That’s why when I saw this news story today… I knew I had to share!

Chipotle just announced that they will be coming out with a cilantro-lime cauliflower rice options. The cauliflower rice option is now available in stores nationwide, but there is a negative; the cauliflower rice will cost you an extra $2. Being healthy is not CHEAP!

I definitely want to try it, even if it is an extra $2, and I think this is an awesome addition for all the vegans, vegetarians, people with dietary restrictions, and people watching their weight.