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The first run of stimulus checks will be mailed out on Monday, January 4th!

On the downside, Congress couldn’t have picked a worse time to approve the $600 checks because if you moved or closed the old bank account you’re out of luck because the IRS computer systems won’t be back up and running until January 4th. What do you have planned for your check? Not sure why Mitch McConnel couldn’t approve $2,000 instead of the $600 checks we’ll be getting. Before I go down that rabbit hole of negative energy, the bright news is that taxpayers will get something instead of nothing.

How do you feel about only getting $600 instead of $2,000? We all feel for the families strapped for cash and not able to pay rent or mortgages. We empathize with families who couldn’t buy Christmas gifts for the kids. We’re saddened by the deaths in our families due to Covid 19 and we want something better to look forward to in our 2021. The best defense is to write down and keep track of our dreams and goals and stop begging in our prayers for something better. Words to the wise, demand better in 2021 instead of begging for it!

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