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What does your favorite Christmas movie says about you? December is in full swing and that of course means Christmas movies. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than ordering in food and lounging on the couch to watch a marathon of your favorite holiday shows. There are hundreds to choose from, both old and new, but what you choose tends to say a lot about you.  “A Charlie Brown Christmas” – This is a Christmas classic. Maybe you relate to Charlie Brown in the movie or maybe you relate with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Either way, you may not be an over-the-top Christmas person, but you do enjoy spending time with family.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” – Despite the debate, this is a Christmas movie, and if it’s your favorite you will definitely agree. If this is your favorite it shows that you really enjoy fantasy films, and you probably believed in Santa Claus until you were in middle school. “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” – This one may seem obvious. You hate Christmas and maybe you can see a part of yourself in the Grinch. You may say you dislike Christmas but deep down you actually enjoy the holiday. You probably just need a special someone to bring it out of you.

“Home Alone” – If this is your favorite Christmas movie, you probably feel a connection to Kevin. You possibly come from a family that gets on your nerves a good majority of the time. You may dread spending time with your family, but in the end you are very grateful to have them. “A Christmas Story” – Who doesn’t love this movie and what little boy didn’t want a BB gun? If this is your favorite then you definitely have a great sense of humor and are the funny one in your family.

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” – This movie is for all the families that try so hard to have at least one normal, peaceful holiday but it just never seems to happen. This could be why it is a favorite to so many, young and old. “It’s a Wonderful Life” – You’re a sucker for classics and you value your friends and family. If you find yourself pondering the meaning of life, this is probably your favorite Christmas movie.

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