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Are you ready to learn the top five myths about trees?  If you’ve become a new homeowner and don’t have a certified arborist, don’t worry because this article will describe the “why and how-to” of home tree care. Most people wait until a tree is visibly damaged or leaning one way or the other before we have the budget to seek the help of an arborist. But certified arborists aren’t just for emergencies. They’re here for us when we have issues. Charlotte-area Davey Tree Expert Company certified arborist Ray Betz is helping to myth-bust some common misconceptions about trees. Here we go with the top five myths about trees.

1. MYTH: Trees Don’t Need to be Watered

Although older trees tend to need less water, you may need to give your trees a drink if you experience long stretches of drought. During these times, less frequent but deeper watering is the key. Using a drip irrigation or a soaker hose will help allow the water to penetrate deep into the root zone. Maintaining a two-inch layer of mulch around the tree will also help keep the soil moist.

2. MYTH: A Branch Hanging Over Your House is Always Dangerous

Many people are so afraid of tree branches over their roof that they’ll pay considerable money to have them removed. The truth is that if the tree is pruned correctly and both branch and tree are structurally sound, the branch poses no threat to your house—even if the branch extends over the roof! However, the real threat to your house comes in using improper pruning techniques to remove a branch. The tree will never fully heal—and could become unsafe. A certified arborist can help you identify safe and unsafe branches, and avoid any pitfalls that could threaten the health of your trees.

3. MYTH: Anybody Can Prune a Tree

Pruning is an important part of the health and safety of your trees, but different tree species respond to pruning differently. It’s important that whoever prunes your trees knows these key differences. A certified arborist is trained to help your trees look their best and thrive. They follow best practices to keep the health of the tree as the primary concern, and can address any questions, such as how much of a tree’s canopy can be trimmed away and the right way to remove a branch.

4. MYTH: Lawn Equipment Is Always Tree-Safe

It’s important for both home gardeners and landscapers to carefully consider equipment and tools used around trees. Moving heavy equipment across tree root zones can compact the soil, or the roots may get ripped out due to digging. Before starting any major landscaping or construction project, consult with a certified arborist for the steps you’ll need to keep your trees safe.

5. MYTH: Pine Trees are Always Dangerous

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