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Save a stack of uniform-sized containers, like tissue boxes or shipping packages, then paint them like a snowman and add a paper hat and nose, painted features and some other accessories. Grab a ball and you're ready to bowl!

Christmas is next week, and while it the highs were in the upper 60 this past week, this sudden drop in temperatures this week has us all wondering; will we get a white Christmas?

Can you believe that it has been 20 years since our last white Christmas in Charlotte? If you ask me, that is FAR too long. We have had snow on Christmas since then, but not enough to consider it a white Christmas. In the last 140 years, there have been just 12 Christmas days with snow reported. Of those 12 days, only 4 of them there has been enough snow to be considered a white Christmas.

So what are the chances this year?

According to experts, they’re¬†looking at a 5.8% chance for a white Christmas, and 91.3% for no snow at all in Charlotte.

As for the rest of the state, the Northeast, upper Midwest, and the Rockies have a 50% chance or better to see some snow on the holiday.

In Charlotte, it’s looking like we will be seeing more rain than snow on Christmas this year.

While the chances are slim, they aren’t impossible however, and I’ll be holding out for a white Christmas miracle to end 2020.