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Every year I like many of you to receive the list. It’s the Christmas list from our children and grandchildren that traditionally shows up right around late October or early November after Halloween. No Christmas list is complete without, a fresh pair of sneakers. Last year it was all about the Air Jordan 11s, but this year the trending sneaker appears to be Kanye West “Yeezys” sneakers. When I finally laid my eyes on them, I was baffled. That BY FAR they’re not cute to the eye, but I hear they are the most comfortable shoe your feet will experience.

Now, wait for it! The shoe cost a whopping 500 dollars. I guess I have just officially crossed over into being an UNCOOL parent because I really couldn’t see what all the hoopla was about concerning this dinosaur looking shoe that kids are screaming for. At least when I was begging my mom for sneakers back in the day, they looked good, and none of them were 500 dollars. Before we had Air Jordan’s, LeBron, and Yeezys, we had Chuck Taylors, Shell Toe Adidas, and Puma. They all looked better than that shoe I saw, and for the cost of one pair of Yeezys, I could have purchased a whole basketball team a pair. LOL!

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