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Wouldn’t it be great if all the presents people give to children were ones that both the kid and the parents love? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case because while there are a million things little ones would want to unwrap, a good portion of those toys are probably on moms’ naughty lists. And that’s because they lead to more work, more noise and more messes in the house.

These are the gifts moms say they never want anyone to buy for their kids – like, ever.

  • Anything alive – No live creatures of any sort, please. Taking on a pet is a huge decision – yep, even if it’s a fish. So just don’t, unless it’s pre-approved by the parents.
  • Sugary candy – Especially those enormous lollipops that last forever.
  • Gifts that require parent participation – Anything that requires a lot of supervision of cleanup may not make mom and dad happy.
  • Gender-specific gifts – Not all girls are into pink or want things that say “princess” and not all boys play with action figures.
  • Violent video games – No one needs to buy anyone else’s kid a video game with people dying, blood and gore.
  • Anything without an off switch – Unless you hate the parents of the child you’re giving this to, please make sure it can be turned off.
  • Batteries required – Some parents don’t want anything that makes noise, lights up, or plays repetitive, annoying music. But if you do give a kid a present that requires batteries, be sure to include some.
  • Musical instruments – We’re all for fostering creativity, but unless preschool band practice is at your house? No instruments, please.

Source: Cafe Mom