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With all the changes this year, it’s no surprise that our holiday will see some too. These changes, though mean more connecting to others. That’s the finding from a Samsung KX/One Poll survey.

The new traditions we’ll see pop up are video chat centered. About 42-percent will order foreign cuisine to eat at home. We’ll also spend more time on video and regular calls with loved ones… more than past years. How do the stats shake out?

  • 8-in-10 adults will be reaching out to family and friends on those video chats and calls
  • 15-percent will open presents during the sessions, while some will eat during it
  • Playing games will also be done virtually
  • 54-percent are planning to take at least one video call
  • One-in-seven think they’ll spend more time connecting to others
  • An average of 33 will be spent talking to loved ones
  • 73-percent say today’s technology makes it easier to connect with loved ones
  • Many will use Instagram and Facebook during the celebrations

Source: SWNS Digital