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Breakdancing in the Olympics? Yes ma’am! Our 2020 has been full of surprises and is without a doubt a year for the books. We’ve encountered COVID-19, record breaking wildfires, violent murder hornets, a very heated presidential election and plenty of other events; the list goes on and on. And now, the Olympics is surprising us with a new type of athlete.

Volleyball, swimming, golf and tennis are a few sports we’re used to seeing on our television screens during the Olympics. Well, the Games just got a little more interesting because now breakdancing (yes, breakdancing) is officially an Olympic sport and will make it’s debut at the 2024 summer Olympics in Paris, France. It will become the first Dance-Sport event ever. The news was announced on Monday by the International Olympic committee with the intention to attract a younger audience and to make the Games more urban and more artistic. But, instead of the new sport being called breakdancing, it will officially be called “breaking.” How will the competition work exactly? Well, sixteen men and women will compete by doing one-on-one competitions and be judged on their personality, technique, creativity, variety, musicality and performativity.

People are probably thinking… breakdancing? That can’t be too difficult, right? But, breaking requires skill, core strength, balance and an insane amount of talent just like other Olympic sports, so don’t quit your day job. If you’re a fan of the art or have watched any of the dance battle movies from the early 2000’s, like “You Got Served” then you’re bound to enjoy the addition of this new sport to the Games. Be sure to tune into the summer Olympics in 2024 and watch these dancers pop, lock and drop their way to gold.

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