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1st July 1940: British recruits grenade training at an Eastern Command Depot. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

A mother and daughter are lucky to be alive after an 80-year-old WWII grenade they found on the beach exploded in their kitchen sink. Jodie Crews, 38, and her daughter Isabella, eight, initially thought the grenade was a fossil or old bone. She even posted pictures of it on archaeology sites and nobody suggested it was a grenade. However, they both received the shock of their lives when the grenade suddenly burst into flames. The World War II grenade burned itself out in the sink but melted part of the plastic windowsill, damaged the sink, and filled the house with smoke. There were no injuries during the incident.

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Roy mentioned on-air how he saw a Tik Tok video of a woman toting a cannon around town. The police confiscated it because it could explode haha!

Woman carries cannon ball around