Coronavirus Information Report

Photo by VisionPic .net from Pexels

While many counties in North Carolina are moving back to full-time remote learning, South Carolina’s governor wants things to go in the opposite direction in the Palmetto State. McMaster says kids going back five days a week would ultimately be what is best for kids and their parents.

He reportedly says he has done everything he can to fully reopen schools but he cannot do it on his own. That decision is up to the individual school boards.  He goes on to say that he has sent over ten million dollars in personal protective gear to counties. What else? Well, he is concerned about the long term effects to stay at home learning will have on families.

According to the Governor, many private schools in South Carolina are in the classroom full time and have not shown any ill effects. To learn more about what the governor has to say about classroom learning and his desire for it,  just check out the story from Channel 9.

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