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Lots of people “shop” their own stash of previously received presents to see if there’s anything they can use as a gift and this year, with tight budgets and a strong desire to avoid crowded stores, more people will likely be regifting. But that doesn’t mean you can just drag out any unwanted present from holidays’ past and pass it down to a loved one. It turns out, there are rules to regifting and etiquette experts say these are the do’s and don’ts for doing it the right way.

  • Do: Brand-new kitchenwares – If you’ve gotten a cool new kitchen gadget that you don’t want or need, etiquette expert Elaine Swann says passing it on to someone who can actually use it is okay.
  • Don’t: Handmade items – Regifting any personal items someone made just for you is a big no-no.
  • Do: Bottles of wine – An unopened bottle is a great item to regift according to Anne Chertoff, Chief Operating Officer at Beaumont Etiquette.
  • Don’t: Swag bag items – Don’t try to pass off the freebies and gift bags you’ve gotten from companies and events. Swann says, “Unless it’s a swag bag from Oprah,” just don’t do it.
  • Do: Functional housewares – Home decor items, like vases and candles, as well as unopened lotions, soaps and body scrubs are good to regift, Chertoff suggests.

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