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After struggling with infertility for years, a Minnesota couple has become parents to two daughters over the past two months. Kelsi Pierce, who’s 31, and her husband, Kyle, tried to get pregnant for years, but had no luck. And they thought they were sunk when doctors finally said her body wasn’t able to carry a pregnancy – advising adoption or finding a gestational carrier to carry one of their embryos from IVF. Again, with all the money already spent, they knew they couldn’t float another $100k.

Enter Kelsi’s 53-year-old mother, Lisa Rutherford. She didn’t have money to offer the couple, but she did have a uterus. Once medically cleared and approved to carry the baby for her daughter and son-in-law, they embryo was implanted and BOOM! It took! But then, double happiness as a month later, Kelsi also got pregnant! That was especially miraculous as Kelsi had already stopped taking fertility meds – so yes, the pregnancy was ‘au natural.’

Fast forward to this past October, and mama Lisa delivered her granddaughter, Everly, with Kelsi’s other bundle of joy – Ava – arriving seven weeks later. Now? Everyone’s adjusting to their new, crazy normal. “Every time something is hard or I’m tired, I remind myself that this is my dream finally coming true,” says Kelsi. “I appreciate it so much more because of how long it took and how much struggle it took.”