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View of Delicate Arch sandstone rock formation at Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah, 1960s. (Photo by Harvey Meston/Getty Images)

The mystery of the monoliths that mysteriously popped up in recent weeks has been solved.

A community of artists known as “The Most Famous Artist” are taking credit for the global fascination, posting a photo of the monolith on their Instagram page saying “monolith-at-a-service-dot-com.”

The photo of the three-sided metal monolith includes specs of the artwork, saying they are selling them for 45-thousand-dollars and delivery should take four-to-six weeks. The metal object first appeared in Utah, and then in Romania and Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California.

The group’s founder Matty Mo said in an interview, “I can say we are well known for stunts of this nature and at this time we are offering authentic art objects through monoliths-as-a-service.”

Source: New York Post