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Christmas cookies don’t usually stir up much controversy, but this is 2020 and it doesn’t play by the rules. It seems a set of Santa cookies being sold at Target have a group of moms all riled up. So what’s the issue with the chocolate-covered cookie trio that shows Santa’s head, body, and shoes? Some mothers say St. Nick’s boots look X-rated and they’re not happy.

It all started when Tennessee mom Nicole Miller bought some of the sweets and shared a photo of them to a Facebook group where she was singing their praises. But soon other mamas chimed in, calling out the design of the footwear. Their minds must’ve been in the gutter because they saw something NSFW in Santa’s boots – they say the shoes look phallic. Now, I saw them and when they are together in the set, I see boots… but as a stand alone cookie? I see something else.  (Click here to see the cookies for yourself.)

Miller says when her friends started pointing out the kinky boots, she “couldn’t unsee” it. And Jola Burnett, a market researcher and mom of two, wonders how the cookies were able to get so far down the production line without anyone spotting the snafu. But she says the risqué treats made her smile, adding, “After everything that’s been going on this year with the pandemic, it’s made my December.”