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It looks like 2020 has changed the way we prioritize our lives moving into 2021. At least that’s the big takeaway from a poll from Affirm and One Poll. The survey asked people about their plans for the new year in light of this year’s stress.

Surprisingly, materialist things on our New Year’s resolutions are out and life skills and family are in. Learning a life skill is what 7-in-10 will focus on, while 6-in-10 are making radically different resolutions.

When it comes to family, building a better relationship with them and spending more time are tops. That includes taking at least two family road trips a year.

Here are some of the top resolutions:

  1. Improve their overall wellness – 63%
  2. Save more money for future expenses – 62%
  3. Have a more positive outlook – 58%
  4. Get in better physical shape – 56%
  5. Better budget their finances or create a monthly budget – 54%
  6. Create a new good habit – 53%
  7. Spend more time with family – 53%
  8. Improve their relationship with their family – 51%
  9. Learn a new skill – 50%
  10. Improve their relationship with their significant other – 49%
  11. Improve their relationships with their friends – 49%

Source: SWNS Digital