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View of Delicate Arch sandstone rock formation at Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah, 1960s. (Photo by Harvey Meston/Getty Images)

Members of a group that took down and hauled away a mysterious monolith discovered in a remote corner of the Utah desert say they did it because it was causing more harm than good.

Two members of the group that removed the monolith last Friday confirmed on social media that they took the structure down. One posted on Instagram that the artist who created the monolith damaged the environment by making a two-foot-deep gouge in the sandstone while setting it up.

He also bashed the gawkers for damaging the landscape and leaving behind trash and human waste. His statement said there are clear precedents for the use of public land and stunts like the monolith are not helpful to preserving that land.

A photographer was taking photos of the monolith when the group of four came to the site and took it down.

Source: CNN