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Nothing would make me more of a bride-zillia than catching COVID! After the pandemic forced a couple to change their wedding plans three times, they didn’t let a little thing like COVID itself stop them from tying the knot. Lauren Jimenez and Patrick Delgado were all set to get married on November 20th after changing their venue and guest list over coronavirus concerns. Their marriage license was going to expire soon, so they were moving forward with their nuptials, even after the bride got sick and tested positive days before the ceremony.

But instead of calling it off, they opted to go for it, in a safe, socially distanced way. The bride wore her wedding gown and sat in a second-story window at her mother’s house in Ontario, California, while the groom stood below in the front yard. They couldn’t be face-to-face, but they exchanged vows and were connected by a 30-foot ribbon with flowers created by Lauren’s aunt to symbolize “unity, love and physical touch.”

It wasn’t the way the couple envisioned their wedding day, but they are now husband and wife and that’s what matters to them. Jessica Castellano, who photographed the wedding, says despite their distance, you could “just feel the love” between Lauren and Patrick. “I think the distance between them added way more magic to the wedding day,” she adds. “Imagine telling your kids that you got married while one of you was quarantined, just because you could not wait to marry the love of your life.”