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Admit it, we all love to receive a compliment, especially since they can instantly make you perk up if you are feeling down. But while compliments can include “your hair looks nice,” or “I love that shirt,” some folks have received some rather strange compliments and they are now sharing.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, “What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve ever been given?.” The response was overwhelming with more than 67,000 people were happy to share.

Weird compliments include:

  • “My 4 year old son told me I smelled like music. When I asked what kind of music he said ‘music you dance to.’ Still the best compliment I have received to date!”
  • “The piercer who pierced my ears back in August told me my ears were perfect and to call her if anyone said otherwise and she would fight them for me.”
  • “I had pink eye and the nurse was looking into the non infected eye. ‘You have beautiful retinas.’ Thank you…?”
  • “I went to my 25th high school reunion and a woman I knew then didn’t recognize me. When I told her my name she said: ‘Oh my gosh! You’re so handsome now!’”
  • “That I’m like a piece of furniture, don’t do much but you notice when I’m not there.”
  • “A woman I was talking to in my dad’s shop thought I was not me but my sister. When I tried to correct her that I am me, she told me ‘no you are not, [insert my name] is fat and has short hair, she is not beautiful like you’.”
  • “My friends and I were talking about what kind of potatoes we’d be. One of my best friends told me ‘You’d be a loaded baked potato. People pay extra for that good sh*t!’”
  • “That I’ve the most beautiful eyebrows, were even asking if I pluck them or what routine I had. Btw. I’m a guy, but ngl. I felt fabulous days after.”
  • “’You are so tan, how did you get so tan?’ I’m Indian.”

Source: Reddit