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It’s the holidays, which means we’re all allowed to indulge a little. Even if you don’t drink, there are still fun mocktails you can make to celebrate.

Here are five recipes that are easy to make:

Espresso Martini Mocktail

This recipe is as delicious as an original espresso martini, but without the sin. This particular version needs coffee or espresso, a non-alcoholic spirit, ice, simple syrup, and sugar for the rim.

CHRISTMAS MOCKTAILS - Espresso Martini Mocktail Recipe

Learn how to create the perfect alcohol-free Espresso Martini - The Esperesso Cartini!

Passion and Strawberry Bliss

To make this sweet beverage, you’ll need passionfruit, strawberry, cranberry juice, lemonade, ice, and a shaker. It’s easy to make, and it looks very festive.

Christmas Mocktail - Passion & Strawberry Bliss

Christmas is in the air! And our house #mixologist at #Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa, Giovanni has whipped up a special #festive mocktail - 'Passion & S...

Rosemary Pomegranate Spritzer

The ingredients for the drink are pomegranate seeds, lime, rosemary, club soda, and ginger ale. This video shows how to make the drink as a cocktail or an alcoholic beverage.

Perfect Christmas Cocktail/ Mocktail- Rosemary Pomegranate Spritzer Recipe

Learn how to seed a fresh pomegranate in 30 seconds!! Then Maureen shows you how to make a delicious cocktail perfect for holiday entertaining. Make a batch ...

Cranberry Christmas Mocktail 

This recipe requires cranberries, oranges, cloves, mandarin, ginger, honey, vanilla, mint, and an orange power drink. There’s enough going on in the recipe, so you won’t even miss the liquor.

XS Power Drink - Orange cranberries Christmas mocktail

Looking for the perfect, creative mocktail ideas for the upcoming holidays? Watch our tutorial to learn how to prepare simple yet delicious drinks with XS Po...

Raspberry Lime and Mint Mocktail 

To make this, you’ll need raspberries, mint, lime, sweetener, a muddler, ice, club soda, and a sweet tooth.

Raspberry Lime & Mint Mocktail Recipe | Christmas Drink | Alcohol Free Drink Recipes

I love this mocktail recipe with plump raspberries, fresh mint and sour lime.You can find the full recipe and notes here: